Sunday, November 18, 2007

2007 Arcade Creation Club Fossil Hunt

2007 Lost World Expeditions

The Arcade Creation Club led a 2007 fossil hunt in September and we had a great time! We had many finds, fellowship, and lots of fun! Most importantly, though, we were able to give God all the glory through this experience. We are continuing to work on this research project and the study is revealing the truths God presented in the Bible in the Book of Genesis. Our theme was "In Search of Noah's Flood; God's Judgement and Mercy."

Here is Micah standing in front of what appears to be a collapsed cave.

Gary appears to be precariously perched close to a collapsed cave and a rocky outcropping where fossils are usually found.

Patrice is standing in front of one of the sites where some of the team members are looking for fossils and recording information in their journals.

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